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Things are ramping up!

It's been an exciting first week of the game's release. WardiTV (Wardiii on Twitch) hosted a $400 invitational tournament sponsored by MVMT watches. The final winners were [Tournament Winners Here]! So congratulations to our current best players during Early Access. As the game grows in popularity and population we'll have more tournaments hosted by various streamers, companies and third party websites like ours. 

Population on the game servers is currently split between EU and US servers. With the larger majority of players on the EU side. The delay isn't super noticeable though so many players are just jumping between one server and

An engagment during Wardi TV's $400 Tournament

the next depending on where they can get consistent games. Currently the developers are hard at work to push out many improvements. Recently an announcement was made about their current top three priorities.

#1 [Fixing the Co-oP campaign] - There are currently a few bugs in the campaign that don't allow people to finish the campaign in co-op mode. Since many people are buying this game to have a singleplayer experience they can play with their friends and significant others this has been prioritized above all else! 

#2 [New Navigation and Pathfinding] - A common complaint by people playing skirmish and custom games is a poor path-finding system that leads to clunky control, strange paths, and most detrimentally invisible walls that stop workers from mining.

#3 [Performance and Optimization] - With much rejoice the developers have also prioritized optimization. Performance is usually a problem in early access games and it's nice to see the developers working on it. It's possible that the snow map Desiccated Forest will finally be FPS Drop free. Maybe if they shovel all the snow particles away? :)


Year of Rain now in Early Access!


          The game has released! If you're here you've probably purchased the game and are looking for more information regarding it. AYOR.INFO is an update resource for all things AYoR. From Unit damage values, to building health, to the cooldown of hero abilities.

This 2v2 RTS is a unique take on the RTS genre and with two players per team it will be mandatory to know not just the stats of your faction, but the interactions they have with the others. You don't just want to be a lone wolf right? Head on over to the units page of your favorite faction to start learning up. 

Once you've familiarized yourself with the various units, buildings, factions, and upgrades (oh my!) of the aYoR mythos go ahead and join the game's public discord at [DISCORD LINK] nifty right? 

We are so happy to have players in the game that this site will be holding a tournament to celebrate the games release this weekend! A small $100 cash purse will be split among the 1st and 2nd place teams. The tournament is pending server stability of course. Future tournaments will be announced and held here as well so just stay tuned.

Just like the game is still in early access we'd like to remind readers that this site is in early access as well. So if you find any issues, have any questions, or would just like to chat about the game please email us info@ayor.info We will try to respond as quickly as possible! 

Until next time!